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The Immune System’s Response to Viruses

It is astounding just how many people there are afflicted by deadly diseases such as cancer, diabetics and the corona virus. It is no secret that the immune system takes a pounding from the way we treat it and then we make ourselves more prone to these illnesses. offending

Stress, poor nutrition, and an unhealthy lifestyle are what contribute to the wear and tear of the human immune system. It is also no secret that nutrition plays a major role in the prevention of disease.

What is this all-important immune system?

It is a network of cells that protect the body in times of infection. The immune system is able to- and should respond quickly in times of need. The immune system has many control mechanisms and if these fails, the response goes uncontrolled and becomes the enemy, with the immune system actually turning on itself and destroying healthy cells. It even fails in the face of a viral onslaught.

The immune system has to be protected and built up to do its work sufficiently – it needs nutritional food and less stress. That’s difficult in the 21st century, but the truth is the stress we are subjected to every day negatively affects the immune system. In other words, if the immune system isn’t being looked after, its resistance starts to fail.

Your body’s natural ability to fight diseases such as the coronavirus diminishes and the possibility of developing the disease as well as degenerative disorders becomes a stark reality.

A weak or strong immune system – it’s ultimately YOUR choice

The body’s ability to protect itself from these organisms can actually be either enhanced or weakened by a number of factors.  How many of us haven’t succumbed to a cold or flu after a stressful event? Diet, nutritional supplements, exercise, sunshine and a cheerful mindset all have a powerful impact on the condition of the immune system and how we can fight off disease. 

A healthy immune system destroys disease-causing invaders

When the immune system is healthy, it is a highly specialized front-line defence that identifies and destroys disease-causing invaders. It’s a powerful protector.  In fact, a virus such as corona shouldn’t be able to wreak the havoc on you the way it is with so many thousands of people.

If the immune system were operating at peak performance. Those people whose immune systems have been artificially suppressed by drugs can also be susceptible to infection. It is also true for cancer patients, those with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), and those with diabetics – an immune system suppressed or destroyed is vulnerable to attack.

Immunity involves the production of a specific protein known as an antibody. Antibodies are designed to destroy invaders known as antigens – foreign substances that can cause the immune system to respond. The ability to ward off a disease such as corona through our defences is known as resistance, and this particular resistance to disease is due to the presence of antigen-specific antibodies known as immunity.

Fever and inflammation defend against viruses

Fever is one of the symptoms of the coronavirus – another method the body uses to defend itself from viruses and bacteria. Inflammation too is yet another way the immune system responds to the attack from viruses. Within seconds of an invasion, the immune system is activated.

When a virus such as COVID-19 invades the body, the development of the disease will be determined by the health of the immune system. A healthy immune system mounts a protective response, but if not it can stimulate the over-production of proteins known as cytokines, and this is what causes this inflammation. The stimulation of cytokine can lead to respiratory distress and breathlessness.

With the coronavirus rampantly moving over the world and determined to get through the physical barriers provided by the immunity system, we can quite likely succumb to the virus if, due to excess stress, poor nutrition and ill health, the immune system is not functioning optimally.

Unfortunately, many people don’t have resources to do so, but if you do have access to good nutritious food, you live a fairly stress-free lifestyle, you exercise, take supplements, have a positive and cheerful mindset, you don’t drink excessively and you’re a non-smoker, the immune system has all the right properties in place to ward off disease and keep you healthy.

Provide your immune system with the right tools

All we essentially have to do is provide the immune system with the right tools to do its job. So can a person boost their immune system to fight COVID-19? Yes, apart from maintaining excellent hygiene and practicing social isolation, good nutrition with the help of supplements and a healthy lifestyle can seriously enhance the immune system.

We need a strong immune system in the coming days so that it can be strong against the tidal wave of disease that is threatening to wash so many people with a weakened immune system onto the rocks of despair.

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