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Hi, my name is Dr. Kofi -Samuel Ofosu.,PharmD. Though, I am noted legally as the founder of Servants Approach Consulting. The true founder is “Gladys Adwoa Ofosuhemaa” Mamma

Gladys spent her entire life serving others, she unlike so many of us, myself included have knowledge to define the word “serving.”  But Gladys actually, practiced it.  And yes, a lot of times throughout her life, her gift of serving others, returned no grand reward in fact many times not even a “Thank You” was said to her.

Yet, I never forgot the joy on her face, that was so deep and rich in fulfillment, when she served others. Servants Approach Consulting exist to honor those who practice serving the rest of us as a way of life. Our, Grandparents, Teachers, Nurses, Pharmacist, Doctors, First Responders, Moms, Dads, Coaches, Counselors, Soldiers. Whoever you are and what ever title your profession gives.

Thank You, for using your innate gift of “serving” given only by GOD himself, to show us by your actions a Servants Approach to Life.  AMEN.  “Thank You Mom”.

Now, as a Doctor of Pharmacy with over 14 years of practice experience. I have learned that are approach to healthcare as it relates to medication use sucks.

Here are a few reasons why!

  1. Did you know that we pay 40 billion dollars each year in medication-associated errors?
  2. And yet every single year 7000 to 9000 patients die from medications errors.
  3. And not to mention the tens of thousands of patients that experience harmful adverse effects from taking their medications.
  4. And let us not forget about the havoc, to families impacted from the opioid crisis.

If you see this as a problem like I do, then let us fix this together.  

Servants Approach Consulting is an online platform, that provides you with your own personal Board-Certified Pharmacist anytime, anywhere to help you with all your medication needs. And if you are unable to get the care you need from are online service. That’s okay. For your board-certified clinical pharmacist will come to you at home or doctor’s office with are appointment-based visits.

Best of all if you are a Medicare recipient or have select commercial prescription insurance coverage, then the service is covered, under the Chronic Care Management Program.  Tell your doctor that you want your own personal board certified clinical pharmacist to oversee all your medication needs. Or just register!!

The Servants Approach Consulting is right here in “EL PASO STRONG” Texas. Becoming a member is free!!. Let us help you and your loved one’s get the care they and we all so desperately deserve.


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Servants Approach Consulting LLC, is a healthcare consultation platform. Founded by Dr. Samuel M. Founded on the core belief that serving one another, is the purpose of life itself.