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Help Us and Let Us Help You”. With, a heart for serving others, knowledge crafted from years of practice experience, and mastering of evidence based-research material. We can Help you, Help others. Look at the type of services we provide and contact us with questions you have about are services.


  • Private one-on-one consultation with a Pharmacist by video or text chatting.
  • Consults can be at anytime you need it and from anywhere you are.
  • Consult for prescription drugs (side effects, correct use, interactions with other drugs or vitamins)
  • Consult for medical conditions (causes, treatments options by natural remedies or prescription)
  • Receive evidence-based research information explained in a much simpler way from a Pharmacist.
  • Consult for any vitamins/supplement (quality vs cost, effectiveness review, helpful or harmful to your medical condition, works well or not with your prescription medication(s) review)
  • Family member assistance, if you take care of an elderly family member, grandparents, parents or anyone. For which you help them with their medications (prescriptions or other not) Let us help you help them.


  • Are, you a private practice Doctor or a medical group? Do you offer Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health Integration, Transitional Care Management, Principal Care Management? Does your practice spend to much time managing and keeping up with all the requirements needed for Medicare and Commercial Insurance? Only to be denied reimbursement for time and services rendered. Let us Help you get on track. We provide all the documentation needed, for auditing, billing, reporting and patient care plans. Plus, all are works goes through an assurance check, for completeness, accuracies and quality inspection by a licensed Pharmacist. On top of that are service gives your patients a professional medication review performed by a Pharmacist. All this ensures that your practice will far exceed the requirements needed for confident billing and capturing of all reimbursements.
  • Do you run a long-term care facility, nursing home, or adult day care? Do you offer Chronic Care Management, Transitional Care Management? Or would you like to help your residence/ clients/ nursing staff with medications? Let us Help you add professional, compassionate Pharmacist service to your business without the cost of hiring a Pharmacist.
  • Operate a retail store, or have an online store? Do you sale non-prescription over the counter products? (vitamins, supplements etc.) Is customer satisfaction, loyalty, and knowledge of your products important to you? Let us Help you. Use are services to gain your customers trust. With professional Pharmacist consultation services without the cost of hiring a Pharmacist.